Songs that support the special playback function

The special playback function can only be used for music files that have been saved on your device under the following conditions:

  • The song has been synchronized with the device in iTunes (e.g., the file was imported from a CD)
  • The song was purchased on the iTunes Store, and was downloaded using the standard Music app on iOS
  • If you are using iClound Music Library, above songs may not be used in special playback function because DRM will be applied to these.
  • Special playback function cannot be performed on songs provided through Apple Music or that are only saved on the cloud.
  • If you use iTunes Match and the song is only saved on the cloud, you will first need to download the song using the standard Music app on iOS.

When the icon is displayed in the album or player screen, the song is being hosted by a streaming service (e.g., Apple Music) or is only saved on the Cloud. These songs will not undergo the special conversion, and will continue to play normally.